A Safe and Effective Fire Suppression Products

PYROCAP B-136 is a liquid fire suppressant product that when added to water will quickly and safely extinguishes any type of fire.

PYROCAP B-136 is a water additive, there is no need to alter your equipment or application techniques. Also, PYROCAP B-136 liquid is a concentrate that is mixed at 1, 3, or 6 percent concentrations, depending on the fire hazard encountered. PYROCAP B-136 is non-corrosive, it will not damage equipment and requires no special training or safety precautions to use.

PYROCAP B-136 – It’s Less Expensive than Using Water


  • Reduces the operational costs and time associated with the fire incident.
  • Reduces water usage.
  • Uses your current equipment.
  • Reduces overhaul operations.
  • Less clean up.
  • Less damage caused by fire.
  • Increased safety for both fire fighters and the general public.
  • Can be used in systems already in place to put out fires.
  • Also can be used in fixed sprinkler systems.

“PYROCAP B-136 is the only fire suppressant known to have extinguished fire in solid rocket propellant, a volatile combination of metallic compounds and accelerants. This versatility translates into maximum flexibility when responding to a wide spectrum of emergency situations.”  Rob Ranck, Manufacturer of PYROCAP B-136

PYROCAP B-136 Does What No Other Fire Suppressant Product Can Do.

This unique fire suppression product is:

  • Environmentally safe and won’t harm animals or humans.
  • Pyrocap neutralizes fuel so that it will not burn again.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • PH Neutral and non-corrosive.
  • Biologically beneficial to post-fire scenes.
  • Increases the speed of fire knockdown and uses less water than other fire suppression products (less water, less property damage).
  • Pre-mixable in fire-fighting booster tanks and usable in existing systems.

PYROCAP B-136 is the only fire suppression product that:

  • Reduces toxic smoke particles
  • Reduces carbon monoxide
  • Can be used on Class A, B, and D fires

ODOR-GO – Odor Elimination

ODOR-GO is designed to be introduced at the odor source to eliminate, not mask, odors on contact. Best of all, Odor-Go is biodegradable, made of natural ingredients, which means Odor-Go eliminates odor without contaminating the environment with hazardous byproduct.


Paradise Environmental can help you design a fixed system for your home or business to utilize Pyrocap B-136