ABOUT Pyrocap B-136 Fire Suppression Products

Many PYROCAP B-136 customers ask us where this safe and effective fire suppression product has been hiding since it’s invention in 1985. It hasn’t really been a secret, but until recently it was only available by word-of-mouth and to our local customers in the Lancaster PA and surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

New Demand, New Marketing

The safety of this product and its ease of use make it the perfect fire suppressant for

  • Airports
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Homes
  • Campgrounds

…and any location or organization that has a fire hazard.

A First Attack for Quick Fire Control & Suppression

PYROCAP B-136 has a unique capacity to cool the hottest fires, minimize smoke and heat, and even penetrate fuels. Users report it has superior wetting, cooling and emulsifying properties. What makes PYROCAP B-136 so effective is that it creates a barrier coating on structures and the natural environment to retard the spread of fire.

  • Add PYROCAP to your current equipment without modification.
  • PYROCAP is Ph neutral, so there is no need to flush equipment.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • No “foam blanket” needed, PYROCAP works on three dimensional fires.

PYROCAPB-136 Enhances Firefighting Safety to Attack a Wide Range of Fire Situations

PYROCAP B-136 absorbs heat and reduces smoke and toxic fumes. It gives the user the ability to extinguish fires in a variety of fuel source situations. PYROCAP stops the chemical chain reaction associated with heat and it decreases the risk of injury and death among civilian and emergency personnel. Its unequaled versatility makes it ideal as a general-purpose fire suppressant.

What Does PYROCAP B-136 Do?

It overwhelms Class A fires for rapid knockdown and maximum protection against threats to life, property and the environment.

It’s highly effective for combating fires in Class B substances such as crude oil, jet, gasoline and diesel fuels.

Class D fires such as Magnesium and titanium can be stopped with PYROCAP B-136!

It also reduces the danger created by hazardous material spills by emulsifying non-polar hydrocarbons and significantly reducing their flammability.

PYROCAP B -136 has already proven itself to be effective at many fire incidents including in metropolitan/ suburban areas, wild lands and forests, mines, tire dumps and oil well fires. PYROCAP B-136 fire suppressant is known to have extinguished fire in solid rocket propellant, a volatile combination of metallic compounds and accelerants. This versatility translates into maximum flexibility when responding to a wide spectrum of emergency situations. It works safely and efficiently with all firefighting and extinguishing equipment

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